The ants are harmless insects, but in no case they're friendly visits if we have a plague at home. However, the fact that they are annoying does not mean that we have to exterminate them with chemicals that also could be harmful to our health and our family or pets. There are several ways to prevent ants from entering your home: The first thing we need to do is to review strictly sanitary measures and distribute well waste generated. It is essential that our home is clean and fresh, without leaving leftovers anywhere, to avoid the plague proliferation. Second, we can use organic products such as garlic, lavender or mind, that are natural ant repellents because its smell or taste. Nevertheless, they are not totally effective methods. Finally, thanks to advances in technology, there is a more effective and specialized method, which provides the most practical, hygienic and respectful way to end pesky ants. Radarcan® ANT REPELLER HOME, with its MAGNETICAE technology, alters the electromagnetic fields generated in the wiring of buildings. As we explained in the previous post, ants use their antennae magnetite as a guidance system based on detecting these electromagnetic fields. When the technology starts to work, ants become disoriented and cannot organize or survive, so they decide to leave the place by going to a safer place. Radarcan® ANT REPELLER HOME is the perfect solution to forget once and for all these annoying visitors. It is as simple as connecting to power and leave it on 24 hours a day as a preventive measure. The most simple, practical and hygienic way to forget forever the presence of ants.

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