In recent weeks we have been seeing that cockroaches pose a real danger that we must take seriously for the safety of our home and our family. The transmission of diseases and resistance of these bugs generates a serious problem to be solved soon. They say that cockroaches still be alive in a post-apocalyptic world where none of us exist and that a war against them is an unwinnable war. But it’s always better face with guns the battle, so let's value what we can do about it: Natural remedies There are certain home remedies and other tricks that throughout history have been used to try in repelling cockroaches. Among them is boric acid, which is the most common and known, as a natural insecticide. Boric acid is a powder which is lethal to cockroaches. Usually applied in powder or paste as a trap for cockroaches and usually quite effective. The problem is that being such a strong acid, can be very harmful to the health of the inhabitants of the house, especially for children. Other home tricks to combat cockroaches are as simple as taking a little bleach in the pipes (if they come from there) or use other spices which also repel cockroaches as cinnamon, catmint or thyme. In addition, there are cockroach repellent plants that help control these pests naturally, such as: plant basil, bay leaf, garlic plant or orange Louisiana. Also the scent of cucumbers is hated by cockroaches, so the plant of cucumbers could also be useful. These methods have been used over time and many of them if they have a scientific basis but for various reasons, are not always effective against cockroaches. Chemical repellents The market offers a lot of products to eliminate bugs. One of the most known and used are chemicals as aerosols, which are often very aggressive against pests. Among its active ingredients, often they have the pyrethrin, a mixture of organic compounds with strong insecticidal properties that have a lot of adverse effects on humans if inhaled and can even cause health problems long term. Thus, you must be very careful when using these products, as well as some brands are totally misleading in other cases the cure may be worse than the disease. Electronic repellents The world and society are constantly evolving. We live in a radically different environment than two decades before because in every way, technology has altered our customs, putting the increasingly easy life. Just as no one uses a "Discman" for music, with repellents is the same. Today, through complex studies of R + D + i, has managed to create electronic repellent thanks to the most specialized technologies, provide a much better solution and more adapted to our times. This is the case Radarcan’s Pest Complete Repeller Home, that with their own technologies such as INSonuerit3.0, is able to drive away cockroaches and bugs in a more hygienic, convenient and effective way thanks to ultrasound without killing them.

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