Perhaps you've ever heard that in a post-apocalyptic world after a nuclear explosion, cockroaches would be the only species that will survive. Therefore, they are so resistant that the best way to fight them is starting form the origin, ie, accessing the sites they most transit and where they hide.

As they do not like much light and also often remain hidden most of the time, these place are often false ceilings, interior closets or behind furniture. Hard access places for anyone who measures more than 5 centimeters. Although they are very discreet and only come out at night, don't be fool thinking that some sites are small so they are there stuck, because the reality is that thanks to its flat body they get where they want and in the most unexpected places.

In Radarcan® we know that eliminate cockroaches is not an easy task, that's why we spent years investigating solutions to fight them. Most of the places where they live are inaccessible to us, so the best option is to find a tool that can reach all these places automatically, without us having to be ourselves who go looking for them (what would happen if we use poisons or traps). So we developed a device that is able to solve the problem in the most practical and hygienic way and also without ending their lives and having to find and collect their bodies, carriers of diseases.  

Radarcan® PORTABLE MOUSE | ROACH REPELLER is equipped with INSonuerit 3.0 technology, based on the issuance of a specific ultrasound frequency to combat cockroaches through their peripheral sensory system, making them moving away from the area by own decision. The operation cannot be easier: you just only need to put the batteries to let it start doing her function and cockroaches will start to disappear. Nothing to do with the operation of other methods such as the use of chemicals, poisons or traps, that besides being harmful to our health, they work with a much more uncomfortable and anti-hygienic mechanical.

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