We already warned that, with summer temperatures, the presence of such unpleasant insects like cockroaches increases. They only need food, moisture and small crack where shelter, therefore, their stay in homes can be very long.

The worst thing is that these obnoxious insects are night lovers and in most cases, they remain hidden during the day. Instead, at night, they do not hesitate to go in search of all kinds of food to satiate their appetite. Therefore, it is very important to make sure we do not leave any food or drink within his grasp before going to sleep and especially, it is important to be careful with trash bags and make sure we close it tightly, otherwise you can convert it in a paradise for them.

Especially they walk through two sites that are their favorite ones in most homes: the kitchen and the bathroom. Although a cockroach may seem insignificant, if you ever see one in your house you should start to be alarmed, because according to studies, for every cockroach we see, there are is an average of 100 hidden... Yes, spooky. In addition, these insects can get to reproduce exponentially, becoming a really serious problem and a major health risk considering that cockroaches can carry 40 species of bacteria and can be responsible for outbreaks of gastroenteritis, salmonellosis, tuberculosis or even typhus.

Therefore, eliminating sources of water and food is an essential step if we want to keep cockroaches away and avoid turning our home into their dreamed place:

  1. Find all water leaks in your home and arrange it. Cockroaches can live for a month without food, but they will not survive more than a week without water.
  1. Cleaning. A clean house is the key to keep them away and the first place should always be the kitchen. Say goodbye to crumbs, leftovers and bad sealed bags of trash.
  1. Take out the trash regularly. It is very important to take out the trash regularly, avoiding leaving it sit for a long time indoors because it could become another great incentive for cockroaches.
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