As we saw in the last post, it’s highly recommended to train our pets since they are young to get a happy and long-term coexistence avoiding conflicts. When we talk about methods or systems to train our dogs, we need to talk more serious than usual. The reason is that in the market are selling all kinds of products. Some of them are very harmful to our beloved dogs In Radarcan’ team, we are concerned about the increasingly widespread use of shock collars to train dogs. These devices are very common, but fortunately for the animals, in certain countries it is beginning to be prohibited.

But, why is it so dangerous to train dogs with electroshock systems?

Recent studies have shown that electroshock collars generate a lot of stress and anxiety in dogs that can seriously harm their health.

Electroshock systems act as a punishment on the animal, but has never favored cooperation or improve our relationship with our dog, quite the opposite.

The dogs that are trained with shock collars are less likely to interact with other dogs and humans, significantly reducing their social behavior.

The use of electroshock systems reduces animal welfare because it exercises the pain for the dog to change its behavior.

Although the use of electroshock systems does not offer itself risks of physical damage, these devices are very unpleasant for the animal and may even cause injury to the dog if abuse is exercised.

While it’s possible don’t cause a serious physical harm, what is sure is that we are causing psychological harm to our dog that he does not deserve.

Finally, no one knows for sure what the dog understands when receiving the electric shock, so we can’t educate him properly.

As we saw in “The importance of training your dog”, when we decided to train our dog, we managed to establish a better relationship between the two of us, creating an emotional bond in which the dog sees us as a friend. Obviously, this doesn’t happen if we use methods such as electric shocks to educate our dogs. So either we do not allow our dog to grow their fantastic cognitive abilities and happiness. That does not mean that there aren’t devices that can help our dogs to learn through systems that do not cause any harm. This is the case of Radarcan’s PORTABLE DOG TRAINER which can help us to correct our dog’s unwanted behavior, making him understand through ultrasound emission that he’s doing something wrong. This is a much more convenient system that is not harmful to their health. However, we must never forget that the most important thing for a healthy and a happy dog is to be patient and to put care, having the desire to learn with him in a beautiful process of mutual growth.

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