Barking is natural, of course. Is the media of dogs and their only way of expressing. However, sometimes barking can become a nightmare. And in fact, dogs barking are one of the most frequent complaints of neighborhood. Many arise: Why if I have no dog, I have to put up with barking all day? Especially, if barks interfere with rest and comfort of the nearby homes. One of the most typical situations is that while you're at home, your dog shows a good behavior and enjoy with you, but when you leave, your dog bothers neighbors because of anxiety, because he misses you or otherwise reason. So as we know, the fact of having a dog carries with the responsibility for it and the problems it may cause people around us. So, like it or not, you must find a way to solve the problems that your pet can cause. To facilitate the welfare of your neighbors and avoid your dog to cause problems when people sleep, you have to do something. The most important thing is to understand what is happening with your pet and have ruled out any health problems that might be what is causing these complaints. It is also crucial to understand that the worst thing we can do is to reward the barking. Many people, to get him to shut up, will reward one way or another - caressing, giving candy, offering a toy, etc. In this way, the dog will never stop barking, as it will never understand you're having a bad behavior (you're giving an answer to their stimulus). There are cases where it is simply a lack of education, so you need the dog to understand that he cannot bark whenever he want, since it affects the rest people that live around him. So there are practical ways to make them understand this without any damage to their health, getting it once and for all to stop barking.

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