We have already seen that the discomfort caused by persistent barking of a dog is one of the most common reasons of legal disputes between neighbors. Normally, the dog's barking occur when the animal is alone because it tends to feel more vulnerable without their owners and respond to any noise barking nonstop. It is therefore important to makes the dog understand that their barking is annoying and that he cannot be all the time disturbing the rest of the neighbors. To assist in this task, there’s the Dog Barking Silencer Pro. Given that one of the most developed senses of the dog is their hearing, allowing them to hear higher frequencies than human beings, this system is equipped with a microphone that broadcast an ultrasound frequency every time that hears the dog barking. Thus, every time the dog barks, the device sends a stimulus to make him understand that he should stop barking. The best thing about this system is that it uses no chemicals nor any element that can affect the health of animals or people, unlike other systems, such as electric shock collars and many others. With Radarcan® Dog Barking Silencer Pro, they got to understand it without exerting any damage to their health, getting it to stop barking once and for all. The Dog Barking Silencer Pro will help in the complex process of educating your pet even when you're not at home, working independently and without requiring your presence every time he barks. You can leave it connected all day, without being at home. Simply place it in the room where the dog is and connect it to the mains without having to do anything else. The INSonuerit 4.0 technology is extremely respectful with animals, developed in collaboration with veterinarians and with completely safe result. Therefore, it is the best tool if you want to finally forget the incessant barking of your pet.

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