Even it’s hard to believe, there are many interesting facts about ants that will probably leave you amazed. You may have heard about the incredible ways of organization of these insects and their ability to solve complex problems. That’s why they’ve been subject of numerous studies throughout history. In fact, we actually have a lot to learn from them. One of the most curious skills in relation to these insects is their orientation ability. Desert ants cannot be oriented by points of interest in the desolation of the environment, but surprisingly, they never get lost. Several scientific studies have found that, in addition to counting his steps, these amazing creatures use ground vibrations and magnetic fields to return to its nest safe and sound after leaving to find food. Actually, what ants use for orientation is called "integrated route", through which they employ characteristics of the environment to calculate the distance and direction and to know roughly its geographical position to return to their nest. As published in the scientific journal PLoS ONE, the integration route is a fascinating mechanism used by ants to guide and a formula for survival in all kinds of environments. In addition, ants also use magnetism and vibrational signals when they cannot use other benchmarks. Thanks to the fact that ants use their magnetite antennae as a guidance system based on detecting these magnetic fields, the ANT REPELLER HOME, through MAGNETICAE technology, alters the electromagnetic fields generated in the wiring buildings and homes. In this way, they become disoriented and cannot organize nor work (or feed) and therefore, they end up leaving the place looking for another space where they feel safer. Thereupon, by altering the magnetic fields that they are guided by and simply connecting it to the current, this device is able to drive the ants away and to be sure that they will not return, without the need to end their lives.

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