We have seen that fleas in cats are a common problem, unlike what many believe. Considering how annoying it can be for our pet, it is important to do something as soon as possible and do not let time pass. Therefore, we have different options to stop fleas from our cat and end with their suffering. First, there are the common treatments used to eliminate fleas in cats such as sprays. However, some of them work with a number of chemicals that can cause allergies and irritation to the skin of our pet. If we manage to find a product that is not harmful to our cat, the first thing we have to do is bathe him. During the bath you will see that many of the fleas will fall so the best you can do is to comb their hair with a special fine -tooth comb to remove fleas. If you do not want to use a commercial spray, you can make a homemade remedy like flavored water with orange or lemon. The way to do cannot be easier: simply add the shell of one of those citrus to a pot with water, boil for a fer seconds and let stand. Another example of a very effective home remedy is brewer's yeast, which quickly dispels these parasites and is totally respectful with our pet. To prevent and eliminate fleas there is a cutting-edge solution that thanks to advances in technology manages to create and eco-protection that alienates all the parasites from your cat. Radarcan® has developed together with veterinarians, FLEA | TICKS REPELLER FOR PETS, with the INSonuerit 5.0 technology, chemical free without any harmful effects for your pet. Thus, through ultrasound, you will create a constant shield of protection around the body of your cat. Undoubtedly, the most practical, hygienic and respectful way to keep your pet away from any uncomfortable parasite.

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