GET RID OF ANTS Ants are harmless insects, but in no case they’re friendly visits. If you have a plague at home, you pretty much agree. We know that ants live in very numerous and structured groups with a high level of social organization and each ant have a specific task assigned. They have also developed a taste for human food, which explain its presence in many urban areas. At family gatherings that take place during this time of year there is an increased risk of ant invasion. Besides the low temperatures outside, ants also go in search of the remains of tasty delights that we eat for Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations. So, we're going to explain you how to get rid of ants. As we’ve seen, most ants are simple workers, so kill them while they are doing their humble job would be really cruel. Luckily, there are other options.

  1. The first thing we need to do is to review strictly sanitary measures and distribute well waste generated. It is essential that our home is clean and fresh, without leaving leftovers anywhere, to avoid the plague proliferation.
  2. Organic products. Although is not a totally effective method, there are certain foods and natural products that are natural ants repellents, because its smell or taste. It is the case of garlic, lavender, white rice or mint, among others. Some people also choose to put a barrier of cinnamons on the floor, so that the ants don’t pass.
  3. Traps or bait with boric acid. It is another option, though not the most respectful. Normally, boric acid is sprinkled or in a tape, located in areas where ants live. When the ants ingest this acid, their stomachs are poisoned and die. Besides being a cruel method, it is also dangerously toxic to kids and pets, who could taste it in an oversight.
  4. Chemicals and pesticides: They are also an effective method but often unnecessary. Chemical pesticides are potentially toxic to humans and contaminate particles from the air of our home. The air we breathe. In addition, the plague will probably come back soon.
  5. Specialized technologies: All methods cited above have been used throughout history to eradicate ant pests. But now, we live in a radically different environment than two decades before because in every way, technology has altered our customs and changed everything. So, today, there are more effective and specialized methods that provide the best solution to deal with invasions of ants. Is the case of Radarcan’s ANT REPELLER HOME. This system uses a unique technology based on magnetic fields called MAGNETICAE. Its function is to alter the magnetic fields that guide the ants, generating confusion and getting them away without having to end their lives.

Thus, this method gives you the following advantages: - It is the most practical system (no need to do anything more than plug). - It is the most hygienic way (they leave on their own feet, without you having to find their bodies as with other systems). - You avoid using chemicals that could be harmful to your health - You avoid the death of the ants - You avoid them reappear after a short time.

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