There are few more unpleasant sensations in the world than knowing that your home is invaded by undesired animals that can appear at any time, in any corner... This is the case of mice. While some people love rodents as pets, having a plague of mice at home can become the worst nightmare, especially if you do not know how to find a solution.

What can we do?

Luckily, everything has a solution in this life. That's why we tell you some tips that you can use to get rid of mice at home once and for all: 

  1. Hygiene is the first thing (or should be). We insisted a lot in the importance of hygiene at home, because it is a factor that plays a key role in the visit of mice and rodents. These animals usually enter into the houses looking for food and shelter. If there is nothing to eat, there are fewer possibilities that they approach. But if you leave everything full of crumbs and dirt, they will not hesitate to come running to stick the great feast.
  2. Trash, away from home. For the same reason that the previous point, we must realize that the smell of garbage will attract mice at home. If we keep trash cans away and don't accumulate it inside the house, will be less likely that they choose our house as a hotel.
  3. Get a cat. It may seem a joke, but it is not. If you like pets, dare to adopt a kitten so that, in addition to keep you company, keep your home protected from mites throughout the day. Mice won't dare to set a foot in your house.
  4. Keep them away with Radarcan®. If you are carrying out strict hygienic measures and the idea of adopting a cat does not convince you, you can always let Radarcan® solve the problem. Its devices are free of chemicals and are able to keep the mice away through the use of specialized technologies with a certified efficiency tested in laboratories and universities. As easy as connecting it to the stream and forget about the problem, along with a 5-year warranty.
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