In Radarcan® we are animal lovers. However, they can often generate serious discomfort and end up becoming a nightmare... This is the case of pigeons, for example.

Pigeons use to be problematic for different reasons. On one hand, they are capable of spoiling any element, buildings and balconies with their droppings, able of damaging the painting of the terrace, the car, or any other place...

On the other hand, they can be carriers of fleas, ticks and many other diseases. Specifically, they can transmit more than 40 diseases to humans, including cyrptococcosis, histoplasmosis, colibacillosis or salmonellosis.

Finally, the presence of excrements in an individualized way can also put at risk the architectural elements of the city, by the chemical action of the acids that make up the faeces.

Although going to the most common problems, in most cases, the only problem is the desire to drive away the pigeons that perch in our homes or offices, on the fences or on the roof. Often these people decide to use chemicals, poisons and other potentially lethal methods to get rid of birds, not taking into account that they can be highly toxic and pollutant, as well as they do not solve the problem in a long term. 

There are also natural remedies like pepper or cinnamon, and some people claim that these products help keep them away.

However, the best way to get rid of pigeons forever is to use a device that, thanks to a specialized technology, keep them away without using chemicals, toxic products or other ineffective methods. This is the case of Radarcan® Pigeon Repeller, a device that, in addition to being eco-friendly, works completely automatically. When detecting the flight of the pigeon or other birds in a radius of 10 meters (thanks to the radar that contains) it emits a sound in three shots to move away the pigeons, getting them to leave the place. Getting an effective pigeon repeller can prevent many problems, not only about health but also about comfort.

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