The rats and mice exist during the whole year, but especially when winter comes, the rodents take refuge of the bad weather and rain and go out of the sewers in search of the heat of the houses to be more protected. If they find a home they like, they will make their nest and it will be much more difficult to eradicate them. Therefore, it’s important to watch for signs to detect the presence of mice in our home, especially now that winter is coming. Then we give you some tips to help you in determining if your house is infested:

  1. Presence of droppings and urine: The existence of droppings is one of the key indicators that will allow us to detect the presence of mice at home. Droppings are most likely to be found around dark areas. We can also find traces of urine or blood stains on the wall because rats tend to rub on the surfaces as they pass.
  1. Gnawing or dirt marks and fingerprints: Rodent teeth never stop growing, so they need to gnaw to wear them. Therefore, it’s probable that if there are rodents in your home, the teeth marks will be visible on some doors or surfaces. We can also see spots on beams, pipes or walls, due to the amount of dirt from the fur of rodents as well as tracks marked in dusty or muddy surfaces.
  1. Odor and scratching noises: Mice urinate frequently evolving a characteristic smell of ammonia. This odor may persist for a long time and becomes another clear signal that shows the presence of a pest. On the other hand, we must be attentive to the sounds of these animals, especially at night (when mice are more active) and if we hear scratching noises, they’re probably coming from small rodents.
  1. Detection of nests: To make sure the existence of mice, we can check it looking for nests in the house, usually made of soft materials in warm and dry places, such as boxes, cupboards, closets or drawers.

Finally, if we are on the couch at home and we see a little mouse walking happily, it will be the strongest evidence that, in our home, there are mice inhabiting. In this case, you’d better get on with it and visit us at before the situation worsens as mice are able to start breeding at 6 weeks of age.

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