Besides being very curious insects (as we saw in the last post), cockroaches are a nasty plague, especially because it can become a serious health risk if we don’t solve it soon. So then we’re going to tell you some things you should know if you want to wipe out this little monster that don’t let you live. Keeping your home as clean as possible is definitely the first step toward keeping cockroaches out. So it’s essential that the home is in perfect conditions of hygiene and ventilation to the plague can’t proliferate so we can eradicate the problem ASAP. Considering that these insects thrive where access to food, water and shelter, we should:

  • Avoid leaving dirty dishes with food, crumbs or open containers in the kitchen that can attract cockroaches.
  • Clean out any grease deposit, as well as the kitchen and appliances regularly (roaches love grease)
  • Be careful to don’t leave open drinks in the house, especially beer or juices.
  • Save the trash in a bucket with a tight lid to ensure that they cannot reach there and find food.
  • Get rid of old personal items you no longer need that could provide shelter for cockroaches.
  • Remove leaking pipes. Cockroaches can survive without food for a long time, but only last a week without water.
  • Emphasize hard to reach areas that are often overlooked in the daily cleaning, as they will help to create an ideal environment for cockroaches to establish colonies.

If hygienic measures are not enough to wipe out cockroaches, there are many methods that can help you to eradicate them permanently:

-Natural Remedies: There are countless home remedies to kill cockroaches although its effectiveness is relative sometimes (boric acid with sugar, lavender and laurel, bicarbonate, etc.)

- Sprays or aerosols: These are products that act quick but they are not effective in the long term because it does not prevent the presence of cockroaches in the near future. They also tend to be harmful to humans and household pets.

- Fumigation: Is one of the most expensive systems and is recommended when the problem is really serious and there is no other way to solve it, however, are toxic products that, by their nature, are harmful to humans.

- Innovative technologies: As cockroaches are one of the most resistant insects and with an amazing adaptation to the environment, it’s better to ensure close and to finally decide to use Radarcan’s PORTABLE MOUSE | COCKROACH REPELLER with its specialized technology, INSonuerit3.0. Through ultrasound provides effective and practical protection and make the cockroaches go away without killing them (and thus avoiding the bodies found at home) and with a continuous protection, making sure they do not return.

If you enjoyed this article, do not miss our post next Thursday, where we’ll thoroughly analyze each method and we’ll continue to see what are the best measures and tips to wipe out roaches once and for all.

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