If there is someone who we need to protect more than anyone, it is children. But we don't only need protection against mosquitoes, but from chemicals and toxic products that can be harmful to their skin and health. We should note that children's skin is much more sensitive than adults to insect bites and in most cases they are much more annoying. Moreover, as children have no limit when scratching, they generate wounds that can become a problem later.

Some products use chemicals that can damage their skin and even harm the health of their bodies because of breathing harmful components. So when we have to buy a product to protect them from mosquito bites, not everything goes...

 If besides thinking of a safe and respectful health protection, we also seek comfort when they are protected - in the case of children - there is no doubt that the PERSONAL REPELLER is the perfect solution. Proving that protecting children is not incompatible with doing it in a safe and respectful way, PERSONAL MOSQUITO REPELLER acts 100% safe for their skin and health, and it is the most practical and convenient option for them. Without using chemicals or toxic products, PERSONAL MOSQUITO REPELLER works with Sonuerit technology, based on the emission of sound frequencies.

In addition, it can be shaped as a bracelet by choosing the color they prefer and once set, will allow us to forget the problem and ensure that the child is protected 24 hours a day. Therefore, it is the best option for children during the summer, when they go camping, in excursions or in any kind of outdoor

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