We begin to feel the real heat and unfortunately, warm temperatures recreate the perfect environment for insects to reproduce. So now we can prepare because with the arrival of heat, populations of mosquitoes, cockroaches, rats, mice, ants and flies multiply exponentially. Both private homes, buildings and commercials, the most likely will be to detect a significant increase of these insects and if we don't take measures, they will reproduce quickly.

Regarding mosquitoes, these are perhaps the biggest problem in this situation due to transmission of viruses and diseases. With high temperatures, mosquitoes feed more often and are more likely to acquire infections. Then, the virus will replicate faster because it is warm and therefore the chance of infection greatly increases. With the rise of Zika virus, it becomes a major problem because the mosquito that spreads the virus (Aedes aegypti) seems to operate like a disease missile guided by heat, scientists say. As explained by the entomologist Bill Reisen, University of California Davis, "as the temperature rises, almost all aspects of the biology of the Aedes aegypti mosquito -Zika, dengue and other diseases transmitter - is accelerated when it comes to spreading diseases".

As for flies, these insects are also stimulated by heat and humidity, and proliferate significantly during the spring and summer seasons. Increasing the temperatures causes shorter in houseflies and so, in summer its population increases. In addition, in recent years colonies have grown because more and more garbage in the cities, which attracts them enormously.

As if that were not enough, ants also join the plan. According to recent studies by scientists from UBA, in warm conditions, ants of just a few milligrams of weight are more ravenous and eat more quickly and in greater quantity. So, for ants, the city is like a big open buffet endless restaurant, which is more appetizing even when the atmosphere is warmer. The same happens with cockroaches, which with the heat of summer, also increase their activity and decide to go outside, especially in urban environments.

As we see, we're not the only ones who love summer. So if you want to enjoy a relaxed holidays, you better make sure to protect your home from all these insects and if you do it with a single device that protect you completely, even better.


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