The fact that more and more pigeons appear in cities every day is unpleasant for almost everyone. Pigeon droppings spoil the aesthetics of roofs, balconies, monuments, parks and public spaces. Besides the aesthetic problem, they can corrode materials and are dangerous by bacteria and fungi contain. Called "rats of the air" are increasingly annoying and nobody likes that they cross his path. So we tell you different methods of pigeon control to help you keep them away from your balcony:

  1. Nets: The use of anti-birds nets is one of the most effective solutions to prevent pigeons go to specific areas. They come in braided nylon and you can find it in hardware stores and supermarkets. You can use them to cover your balcony and avoid 100% pigeons bother you. The only drawback is that they are quite unsightly and that it is impossible to install it in many places.
  2. Spikes: The use of anti-birds spikes is one of the most common methods of pigeon control. It needs to be installed wherever a bird wants to pose, such as on the rood or on the balcony and are very simple to use. With this method, which is not particularly aesthetic, you just avoid that they pose in one place but probably still appear close and you have to keep cleaning excrement stains on your balcony or terrace.
  3. Reflective surfaces: Many theories say that brightness and all reflective stuff frighten pigeons. So many people use devices such as a reflective tape or aluminum foil to try to scare pigeons. Although not the most professional way, you can use it in a short term as you seek the most effective system that definitely drives them away. 
  4. Predatory birds: Unless you have a real hawk, you can use any plastic or wood imitation and put it where the pigeons are normally settled. It is a good way to scare pigeons, however, probably they got used soon to the static figure and lose any fear, returning to its origins.
  5. Specialized Technology: Luckily, there are methods more effective and easier to use, using the latest technology specialized in pigeon control. The Radarcan’s PIGEON & OTHER BIRDS REPELLER PRO, with its REPERTUM Technology is capable of detecting birds in flight approaching the coverage area. Thus, when it detects its presence, it emits a sound that immediately prevents that pigeons come and settle in the area. Thus, the area is permanently protected. All you have to do is place the device in the area you want to cover and connect it to a power outlet, with the possibility of adjusting the sensitivity of the radar and volume. Besides being effective and easy to use, it does not use chemical products, which becomes ideal for professional uses, such as in restaurants. A simple, practical and 100% respectful method that is certainly the best choice to control pigeons.
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