The interior of your car may seem like a safe haven from air pollution, but it may actually be quite the opposite. Although we rarely notice it, the air we breathe inside the cars are full of harmful substances. Chemicals emanating from the steering wheel, dashboard, armrests and seats mix with the airborne pollution being generated under the hood to form a witch’s brew of toxins for those riding inside. Even some experts say that the air you breathe inside your car is more polluted than the outdoor air.

Have you ever thought about the air you and your passengers are breathing in your car?

You should. Especially considering the amount of time we spend inside vehicles. A study conducted by INSERM (Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale) ensures that polluted air inside your car represents a serious health hazard. The pollution is mainly caused by smoke emitted by the car that is in front of us, especially if this car is constantly accelerating and stopping. So when jams, is when most pollution is caused.

Experts recommend the following precautions:

- Do not get too close to the vehicle in front of you - Close the windows if you face a truck or bus (highly polluting vehicles) - Close the windows when going through a tunnel. - Don’t smoke inside the vehicle - Don’t make excessive use of air conditioning when not needed. Air pollution is among the ten major health risks for humans worldwide. According to the World Health Organization, seven million premature deaths are caused each year because of pollution. Therefore, we must do everything in our power to avoid exposure to this pollution, as with polluted air inside the car. It's unpleasant to think that while we are driving our car, we are risking our health. Therefore, air treatment experts as Radarcan develop products to protect us and to help maintaining the air inside the car constantly clean of bacteria and odors.


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