As we know, children are one of the main victims of mosquitoes, especially during summer season. This leads to the need to find the best protection that minimizes the chances of bites, but at the same time is respectful of the skin and health of children. There are many repellents that use chemicals, which become a problem because they have a high degree of skin absorption, which produces a degree of toxicity. Obviously, it is also harmful to the skin of adults, but more in the case of children, since they have more sensitive skin and are in growth phase. These toxic elements are harmful to their skin but also for their whole body because when it is applied, they are breathing toxic elements inadvertently and "contaminating" somehow inside.

Luckily, protecting children from mosquitoes is not incompatible with a safe and respectful way for their health. The Radarcan® PERSONAL MOSQUITO REPELLER is a 100% secure solution for their skin and their health, besides being the most practical and convenient option for them. Without using chemicals or toxic products PERSONAL MOSQUITO REPELLER works with Sonuerit technology, based on the emission of sound frequencies. What it does is imitating the flapping flight of the male mosquito, getting females, which are the ones that bites, stay away from the area.

In addition to being 100% respectful and suitable for the health of children, it is the best way to protect them in their outdoor activities because it can be shaped bracelet by choosing the color they like and thus got to forget the problem and ensure that the child is protected 24 hours a day. Therefore, it is the ideal option for children when they go camping, in field trips or extracurricular activities outdoors.

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