When we talk about how to get rid of mice and pests in general, we always consider different methods. Among them are natural repellents, traps, electronic devices or chemical products. This last point is where we stop today to study in depth the risks and harmful effects of chemicals and pesticides that many people don’t know, because most times we don’t have the necessary information: First of all, it is important to understand that chemical pesticides are found to be toxic and although its function is to kill insects and animals, it’s inevitable that they affect human beings in the area. The main pathway of chemical pollutants in the human body is the respiratory tract, entering through the nose and mouth. Thus, you don’t even need to stay in contact with the product, but the simple fact of breathing the air with harmful elements can generate diseases or serious health problems. The toxic properties are many: corrosive, allergic, carcinogenic, choking, etc. Another drawback generated by chemicals and pesticides is called genetic resistance. This occurs because among individuals in a population of a pest, some of them have genes that make the pesticide not toxic to them, having offspring and forming new pests who inherit the gene for resistance. Thus, the use of the product ceases to be effective, and only serves to complicate the situation. Today, many pests have generated resistance to pesticides, becoming more difficult to prevent its spread. Furthermore, another problem associated with the use of pesticides and chemicals are alterations in the ecosystem. What happens is that when using a pesticide we can kill other insects like bees, ladybugs or other beneficial organisms, causing an alteration totally detrimental to the development of nature biological system. Finally, as staunch defenders of animals, we will always prefer those methods which are not designed to end the life of animals (in this case, the life of mice). As much as humans are the most developed specie, we are not alone in the world and we must learn to coexist with all living beings on our planet. For this, we can use other systems that equally solve the problem, but at the same time, are respectful with all species and with the environment and do not want to kill any living being. For example, using the Radarcan’ Ultrasonic MOUSE REPELLER we get the mice to quickly disappear from our home or from wherever we want by emitting ultrasonic sounds and without killing any of them. These systems, in addition to being 100% environmentally friendly, are much more practical, hygienic and easy to use, because all we have to do is connect it to the mains and enjoy the protection. Moreover, unlike chemicals, Radarcan's MOUSE REPELLER has not harmful effects on the health of people or pets.

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