People who train their dogs know well that life is much more beautiful if you make the effort. While training a dog can be a complex process for which you need to be patient, what is certain is that this small effort will provide many benefits in the future, more than you can imagine. Training our dog properly give us a happy coexistence and help us to avoid big problems. First of all, we must realize that the best age to train a do is between 5 and 6 months of age and the older they are, the more difficult the process becomes. However, there are no excuses because it is demonstrated that adult dogs also give great results when you train them.

5 key benefits of training your dog (for both of you):

To come when called: It is very important that our dog come when we call him. It makes easier to live together: we can go for a walk and leave our dog free to burn energy, he can have more freedom and with this we can also avoid shocks or accidents. That he walks beside us: When dogs are young and small, they don’t have enough force to pull the leash, but if they grow up and we haven’t educated them, then the problems will arrive as we can’t go for a relaxing walk with our dog because it becomes a torture. Therefore, it is essential to train our dog to walk at our side without pulling the leash so you can both enjoy a happy walk together. That he stays quiet when it’s necessary: One of the worst situations that happen to us related to our dogs is when we are in a meeting of friends or in a family meal and our dog is non-stop moving around. Not only annoy people but ourselves, because we are suffering all the time for the trouble that our dog is causing. So we will avoid many problems if we are able to train our dog so he know when to stay still and quiet when it’s required, sitting without disturbing until you indicate that he can move freely. To develop their cognitive abilities: Dogs are animals with fantastic cognitive abilities, so we should be the ones who help to develop them trough challenges, trainings and games that can be great fun for the dog and for us. Improve emotional bond and communication: Finally, through training our dog, we’ll establish a better relationship and we’ll improve communication with our dog, so he/she won’t see you just as the master who feeds him but as a true companion with whom to enjoy many other things. You and your dog’s happiness are worth enough reason to ignore them out of laziness or lack of time. So you need to start training your dog ASAP. Obviously, you’ll have it easier if you use the best training systems developed by experts as Radarcan, which works with a great responsibility to educate pet always with the priority of not causing any harm to the animal.

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