First of all, we must remember that barking is the natural communication system of our dog. So, if our dog barks occasionally, is the best sign to know that he is healthy. The problem happens when barking becomes a routine for him or a way to require us to fulfill wishes. We cannot allow our dog to hinder our daily routine because of their whims, as we wouldn’t do with our children. So we want to help you with some tips to stop your dog from barking. As always, the best option is to train our pet since he’s a puppy to make him understand the rules of coexistence that must be respected. However, dogs bark for many reasons and in different ways according to their race and nature. Therefore, we often have to strengthen training to make them understand when he needs to be silent. One of the most common mistakes we make related to this problem is to reward the barking. Many owners react immediately to the barking of the dog raising his voice. We don’t understand that from the point of view of the dog, his owner’s attention is a reward for his barking. Nor should we react, for example, giving a gift to be quiet, because we’re only enlarging the problem. Instead of paying all your attention when your dog starts barking, don’t react. Some experts say that if we yell at our dog when he barks, he believes that by raising our voice we’re barking like him, so we only make the problem become worse. It is also important to note that perhaps our dog barks for lack of entertainment or because he haven’t burned the necessary energy. Therefore is it essential that we ensure that our dog do enough exercise. It is clear that each race has different needs, but if we take our dog to the park to run every day so he exhaust the excess energy, we have a better chance to be quiet at home. The most complex situation related to this problem is when the dog barks due to anxiety or stress. This usually happens when we leave our pet alone at home, since the animal, feel bad and expresses don’t stop barking. So to ensure that our dog is not bothering people around us, there are systems that prevent our dog barking in the most practical, simple and safe way. So, neither you nor anyone else’s presence will be necessary to control your dog’s barking. This way you will avoid problems with neighbors and warrant a good coexistence. Because you are the only responsible for any inconvenience or discomfort that your dog may cause.

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