We agree that mice are not exactly the friendliest animals in the world. They are transmitters of many diseases, can cause serious physical and economic damage and are one of the most dangerous pests in the world. However, mice hide some secrets that probably you didn’t know and that, at least, make them become really curious animals: - His favorite food is not cheese: Contrary to what many think, the favorite food of mice is not cheese. According to research by Manchester Metropolitan University, the rodents eat any food, but prefer grains, fruits and sweets. - They are able to generate their own water: Mice have bodily functions that enable them to generate their own water when it is scarce or when they can’t find a place to quench their thirst. - They check the food for hours before eating: Their neophobic behavior causes that before eating a food, they check it for many hours to ensure that food is not harmful or bad. - The flexibility of the skeleton makes them able to squeeze through any hole: The skeleton of mice allows them to squeeze through the smallest holes you can imagine. Therefore, we are never safe from his possible entry. - They are colorblind: Mice do not see colors the same way that humans and mammals. They have dichromatic vision and their retinas have only two types of color cones, blue and green. Unlike us, they are able to see ultraviolet light. - In some species, females are able to store sperm: Females are able to keep in their body fertile the male sperm so that they can self fertilize over time. Perhaps, after reading these curiosities you may changed your mind about these little animals. However, you must not forget that his presence is dangerous and poses a serious risk. Therefore, at the slightest suspicion, protect your home with the help of the best specialists.

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