It is essential that our bedroom is a cozy place that allows us to forget the noise of the city and where we are totally calm and relaxed. We know that with the arrival of summer, mosquitoes are willing to help regardless. So we have no other option that protecting us if we really want to avoid them to interfere in our rest. With PORTABLE MOSQUITO REPELLER Radarcan® we get protect our room from mosquitoes and preventing spend the night ringing in our ears.

Best of all is that this device, which has the same characteristics as the HOME MOSQUITO REPELLER, is also able to protect yourself in areas where there are no plugs or where the shots are not in a suitable location, such as behind the nightstand. Thus, with PORTABLE MOSQUITO REPELLER, we do not depend on the outlets and have complete freedom to locate the device wherever we want. In addition, thanks to its rear, it also has the possibility of hanging, which is ideal to place it on the head of the bed for overnight protection. Once on, you won't notice that you are protecting, because it does not emit any sound or smell while performing their work.

But how you should put it to work properly?

For proper operation, it is important to not obstruct the front of the device and do not focus it directly against a windows or fabric to let the ultrasound disperse in the right manner. The green indicator lights up when the batteries are placed, making a flash every 5 seconds. When the indicator turns red, will mean that the batteries must be replaced.

Leave the PORTABLE MOSQUITO REPELLER running 24 hours a day, even the plague has disappeared, as a preventive measure.

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