Rats in warehouses are an increasing problem in many countries. The situation is: In regions of mild climate, rats can live happily in the wild nature, but in regions with cold winters, they live exclusively as diners in warehouses and homes. The reason is obvious. Rats find in warehouses everything they need. The conditions of certain food warehouses are especially dangerous because they optimize the reproduction and development of rats: provide food, water, shelter, darkness and good weather, allowing them to live and breed with confidence.

Why warehouse is a Paradise for rats?

As we saw in the post about the presence of mice in the ceiling, food warehouses are the perfect place for rats, especially when it's cold because they are warm, dry and safe places with lots of food and where rats usually find water and everything they need to live safe and secure. The fact that the presence of rats increased exponentially in factories and warehouses of food (especially in Winter), make this theme become the cause of a serious problem both economical and healthy. Rats in warehouse damage building materials such as pipes, cables and wood and it’s estimated that these damages cause the loss of millions of dollars each year. However, the worst of the presence of rats in warehouses are public health problems that rodents can cause, with the possibility of contaminating food and therefore generating very serious problems of reputation for companies. Rats can contaminate food with urine, feces, hair and bodily secretions, causing huge waste that often become irreparable. Therefore, there is no doubt that the problems of rats in warehouses must be solved with utmost urgency because we’re talking about serious damage to human beings that cannot be underestimated.

So, because of this, specialists like Radarcan, work every day to develop the most specialized technologies to get rid of rats and prevent any economic or health risk that could destroy businesses and families. Have a look to our PREMIUM RATS / MICE REPELLERS .


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