Last week we already tell you that, contrary to what many believe, are only female mosquitoes those who bite. They do it because they need the protein that provides blood to prove fertile eggs. But what is the reason for the itching that is generated when they bite us? Well, what happens is that when a female enters its "needle" in our skin, our body reacts as if it were an allergy. Specifically, what it does is introduce a small amount of saliva in our blood, which helps the pleasing mosquito to facilitate the flow of our blood for his trunk. This saliva is what causes our skin to swell, redden, and that itch that sometimes hurts enough to ruin us a good summer day.

There are some recommendations aimed for doctors, once they have bite us, we can heal it or at least can help reducing the discomfort they cause:


  1. Wash the affected area with soap and water: It helps to prevent the bite becoming infected and to remove the irritating saliva that still in the skin.


  1. Place ice as fast as we can: As soon as you realize the bite, put ice on it. Ice will allow you to control pain and swelling and greatly reduce the discomfort.


  1. Avoid scratching: What we heard thousands of times and although it is almost impossible, it is essential to prevent further irritation only worsen the problem and avoid the formation of scabs and scars.


  1. Remember that mosquitoes can transmit serious diseases: Be alert for symptoms you can have after a sting. And if you feel fever, headache, swollen glands or any indication that something is not right, see a doctor immediately for the appropriate treatment.

Obviously, whenever we can, we'd better try to avoid bites and so get save all these steps. Remember that with Radarcan®, you can protect yourself from mosquitoes even without having outlets in the area, as the PORTABLE MOSQUITO REPELLER runs on batteries and at the most practical way.

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