Winter is already here and although it has taken time, the cold has arrived to stay. Luckily, most of us have a warm home in which to protect ourselves and rest. However, mice do not. That is why, when this time of year arrives, rats and mice begin to look for the heat and food of the nearest homes and places. They climb through the pipes and are able to enter through the smaller holes. Once they settle in a home, they start to reproduce and it is very difficult to eradicate them.

They also love warehouses.

In fact, food stores and warehouses are ideal spaces for rats and mice. With plenty of food supplies and places to rest, rodents often find water and everything they need to live protected and safe. The fact that the presence of rodents in factories and food stores increases exponentially during autumn and winter, causes this issue to become the cause of a serious economic and health problem.

Rats in warehouses damage building materials such as pipes, wood or cables and are estimated to cause millions of dollars each year. However, the worst of the presence of rats in the warehouses are the public health problems that rodents can cause, with the possibility of contaminating food and, consequently, generate very serious losses of reputation and image for companies. Rats can contaminate food with urine, feces, hair and body secretions, resulting in huge waste that often becomes irreparable. Therefore, there is no doubt that the rat problems in the warehouses must be solved with the greatest urgency since they can involve risks in the human beings that in no way should be despised.

Luckily, at Radarcan®, we work every day to develop the best specialized technologies that allow us to eliminate the problem and avoid any economic or health risks that can greatly harm both companies and families.

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