Your dog barks when you're not home Barking is natural, of course. It is the media of dogs and their only way of expression. However, sometimes barking can become a nightmare. That’s why barking of dogs is one of the most frequent complaints from neighbors. Causes of barking can be very different and always depend on the breed and the character of the dog. However, the most common reasons of barking are stress, anxiety, loneliness, frustration and boredom. That is, exactly, everything they feel when they are home alone. When you leave your dog home alone, anxiety and stress cause that your dog non-stop barking for a long time, generating a serious anger among locals. Because, obviously, when dogs are left home alone, they feel more vulnerable and try to defend the territory against any suspicious noise. So a dog that does not stop barking can become a torture for your neighbors (which is why it is one of the most common reasons of legal disputes between neighbors). Dog barks can interrupt the sleep of the people or simply affect the climate of relax of houses around you and this is why you should do something about it. It is your responsibility to provide the welfare if those around you and make sure your dog is not disturbing the rest of the people living near you.

What can you do about it?

Luckily, some people think of you to get easier to solve the problem. With Radarcan’ DOG BARKING SILENCER PRO, you can forget about your dog’s barking when you’re not home and make sure you are not bothering anyone in your absence. This device beeps an ultrasonic frequency every time your dog barks to make him understand that he must stop. As always, the system has no chemicals or shocks that may affect the health of the puppy. So, you got it. Your dog is your responsibility, so if you’re bothering someone, get to work before the whole community go mad.

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