Your pet is a member of the family and you love him like a son or a brother. He’s always next to you, playing with you and making your life happier. But you, what are your rewards? This Christmas you’ve probably bent over backwards to find the perfect gift for your children, your wife or your in-laws. But have you thought about your pet? As much, you’ve given a new toy, in case you have given something. Science has confirmed that dogs are very receptive to human communication and furthermore, may feel envious or react negatively when they perceive that they are treated worse than others or that there’s some favoritism. It is therefore important that you show your pet that he occupies a big place in your heart. Considering that gifts are not only for people, we should start giving something useful to our pets that can really help them. One of the most common problems related to dogs are fleas and ticks. Not only make your dog go crazy scratching, but also can carry disease risk. They can cause skin allergies and also infections. Fleas can survive in warm spaces in our home as carpets or heating systems. Therefore, it is important that your pet is protected throughout the year. So the best gift you can give to your dog is to keep him clean, well groomed, healthy and protected against the possibility of being attacked by fleas and ticks that could endanger their health.

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